sábado, 30 de octubre de 2010

New blog about social gaming

Hello, my name is Martin and two years ago I started working in the game industry thanks to Globant´s  game studio called Luminous.
I was able to be part of the staff of Electronic Arts that developed the new version of the EA Download Manager and an internal DRM product shipped with games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age: Origins.
Then I moved into social gaming with Playdom,  building a store simulation game called Market Street on top of a flash engine created from scratch. The game is a big success in Facebook with more than 4 million users.
Two months ago I decided to join Vostu (a social game company that targets the Orkut platform) to gain more experience in game architectures and scalability amongst other things. 
We were able to successfully launch PetMania and we are starting to get viral traffic at a very fast rate!
In my current project I am having the pleasure of working with a highly talented team of professionals, learning new things all the time but better than that, I am enjoying it!

These blog was created to keep track of my investigations and hopefully It will help someone to solve particular problem domains in social game development.


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